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Your home, your space, your oasis...

Wood & Rock Homes has been helping home owners realize their dreams and we continue to bring peoples dreams to life on a daily basis.


Whether you are looking for design consultation for an existing project or planning to embark on bringing your dream to life with beautiful interior and exterior work or the journey of building a new home we can provide the guidance and expertise necessary for a successful project.

When it comes to a customers home, whether it be interior or exterior there are many pitfalls than can be avoided with proper planning and foresight. This is where Wood & Rock can provide exceptional value to the homeowner and has earned a reputation for exceptional quality and service.

Custom Projects

At Wood & Rock, we leverage our experience to realize your dream. It is our responsibility, as your joiner, builder & landscaper to interpret your design wishes and create a unique custom project individual to you. Our high quality projects and unparalleled customer service will ensure that your project is a successful one for you and your family.

Remote Locations

No location is too far or too remote. We work with our clients wherever they are located. The logistics of building in remote locations can present unique issues, but where our 'can-do & positive' attitude make all the difference in achieving a successful result.

Home Refurbishment

Whether you own a Victorian building, a Georgian town-house or a large estate, we have the skills and connections to ensure an end result that is not only sympathetically restored to reflect the period, but is also crafted using only the highest quality materials.

Home Improvement 

At Wood & Rock, our experience to realise your dream is always at the forefront of our service to you. We aim to help our clients with all aspects of home improvement whether it is simply fixing the shelving, building of furniture, adding a new kitchen or bathroom, replacing windows or evening the guttering and eaves of your home.  It is our responsibility, to interpret your design wishes and finish the project for you.

Home Remodeling

Growing your family can sometimes lead to compromising on space, especially when you become attached to your home.  The team at Wood and Rock can build an extension to your home from scratch - giving your family more space to flourish without the upheaval of relocating.

Attic Conversions

Creating an Attic Conversion is a great way to capitalize on space when your options are limited.  Utilizing under-used attic space in a tenement building or a bungalow is a cost-effective way of increasing the living space of your home, it may also increase the long-term value of your property.


Creating that beautiful garden can really bring your home together and make it a much more inviting and relaxing environment for you and your family to enjoy time after time. The team at Wood & Rock work with you to bring your garden to life.

Contracting and All Trades Services

By having the connections and skills to provide full contracting and project management services, Wood & Rock can achieve efficiencies that few other builders can offer. Having connections with a range of extremely skilled tradesmen enables us to offer our customers a unique service that is consistent with the values of Wood & Rock. So, whether you need an joinery, plumber or a builder for a small repair or as part of a larger project, the chances are we've got the man for the job or we know the perfect candidate.


We can take your dream from design to completion.

Speak with us today, for more information on bringing your dream project to life...

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